We know what you’re thinking, ‘OK, OK, this all sounds great, but HOW MUCH IS THIS GOING TO COST?’

We don’t really like to give you a price without at least meeting with you to get some more information about your needs, as one website is not like another.


Set Up An Appointment


We charge R300 per hour and R2.50 per km if we need to meet in person (we usually don’t except for the initial consultation). We do not charge for the initial consultation for anywhere between Amanzimtoti (where we are based) and Durban.

The final price depends on how complicated a site you want, and how many revisions we end up doing for you. A simple conversion of an old site to a responsive design would probably be under R1500. We’d estimate to create a basic 3 – 4 page site like this one from scratch would probably be around R2000 – R4500 including some basic SEO, and security features to keep you safe from hackers. An online store would probably be more like R6000 – R12,000. But it’s very hard to say, as it really depends on how much you as the client can provide in terms of copy, images etc, as well as how much back and forth there is and how many revisions we need to make to get the site looking the way you want it to.

Please see our Past Projects page for some examples of previous projects and how much they cost the respective clients.