Here are some examples of previous projects we have worked on:

This was a brand new site, which I built from the clients design.

It is an online store with full e-commerce functionality. This site has allowed the client to quit their day job to devote all their time to this store.

This was a R7500 site.

This was a new site. The client had been struggling with a theme they had bought, and wasn’t achieving everything they needed to do within the theme.

I rebuilt the site from scratch to make it look like the theme they had bought, but with the extra features they were unable to do within the theme.

This was a R7500 site, including a payment gateway for people to leave donations through the site with their credit card.

This was a redesign of an existing site. I really just added a new theme and some better images.

This came to a total of R750, mainly for time spent selecting and resizing images.

This was a brand new website with quite a large e-commerce store.

The client added the products to the store herself and even did her own SEO, but there were many design revisions to get the look just right.

It was about a 9 or 10 page site, including an e-commerce store and a contact form page.

The final price was R6000.

This was a brand new site. Rico provided the copy and images and pretty much left me to it. It is a 6 page site, including a contact form page. I did some basic SEO and video editing, and also set up email addresses, arranged his web hosting and set him up for Google Analytics.

The final price was R2500.