PPC (or Pay Per Click) Marketing is a highly targeted form of advertising where you only pay if someone clicks on a link that takes them to your site.

This usually means advertising on search engine results pages or within social media feeds.

I can help with setting up Google Adwords campaigns, where your ads would show up on search results pages. You set the keyword phrases you’d like to appear on, as well as a geographic area you’d like to target, a daily budget and usually a maximum you’d like to pay for a click, and Google manages the rest. This can be a very effective form of advertising for some industries and so much cheaper than print advertising. Plus you know the ads are only showing to people who are searching for something related to your product or service, and only within your target area. And you only pay if they click through to your site.

You can also place what are called ‘display ads’ which normally include pictures (the search engine ads are pure text) and are placed on other peoples websites on related topics.

I can also help with setting up Facebook Ad Campaigns, where you can not only target by location but also by other demographics such as age, gender or even interests, to really fine tune your targeting. This works very well for certain niches.

Setting up a PPC campaign would normally cost around R1500, plus an hour (R300) here or there at decreasing intervals to fine-tune the campaign. (Plus your actual ad spend with Google / Facebook).