I build websites in WordPress, which is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) used for creating websites. WordPress powers about a third of all websites in the world.

WordPress is easy to use and intuitive. It allows you to add to or edit the website content yourself, without messing with the design or main framework of the site.

I usually use the Divi theme, which is an incredibly flexible and user friendly theme, with a drag and drop page builder interface, and many modules for elements such as sliders, countdown timers, accordions and much more. This allows me to quickly put the site together without needing to go to code very often. (Although I usually need to tweak a few things here or there with a bit of CSS or sometimes even a bit of PHP where necessary).

I’ll need to meet with you and discuss your needs to confirm an exact price, but I’d estimate prices to be about the following:

One or two page brochure site – R3000

Three to five page brochure site – R5000

Six to ten page brochure site – R7000

The above prices always include the following:

Mobile Friendliness

All of my sites are ‘responsive’, which means the same page looks different on different screens. The text, images and other elements move around the page fluidly to make sure they are legible. On smaller devices you would have fewer columns and some content will drop down below.

This means you can always read the text and are able to click on buttons without having to zoom, even on the smallest screens. It also means you never have to scroll from side to side to read the page. It is a much better user experience for your users and helps your Google rankings, as they devalue any sites that are not mobile friendly.


I always install a security plugin on my sites to try and keep hackers out of the site in a variety of ways.

(You’d be amazed at how often people try to break into even the smallest sites.)

Page Load Times

I make use of image optimisation and caching plugins to try to speed up page load times.

This improves the user experience and helps Google rankings.


I will set up regular backups to a Google Drive, so that should anything go wrong with the site, we are able to recover the site quickly.

On Page SEO

I will set up your pages using the best practices for SEO to give Google as much information as possible about what your page is about, which will help them to rank you for your target search term/s, and I will set up meta descriptions so that when your page does rank it provides the best possible advert for the page within the search results.

Email Addresses

I will set up any email addresses you need, as well as setting up any auto-forwarding from old Gmail addresses or checking of your domain emails from within Gmail etc. I can also help with setting up G-Suite emails, or configuring your Outlook / Thunderbird to receive emails.

Analytics etc

I will install Google Analytics tracking codes to allow you to see all kinds of information about your website visitors, including where they are, how they found you, how long they spend on your site, what they do there and so much more.

I will also set up Search Console, which gives you information about what terms your site is ranking for, and how well those terms perform for you.

You might not think you want these, but if you ever wanted to do any SEO or online advertising in the future this would be very useful to whoever you hire to do that.

I can also set up Facebook tracking pixels if required, which allow you to track how well Facebook ad campaigns are performing etc.


I am a reseller for Hetzner hosting, so I can handle your hosting for the site. I don’t maintain servers or anything myself. I just resell their services at R90 a month or R900 a year. (Their price is R99 a month).

Domain registration for a domain is a further R79 a year.


I recommend that I go in to your site once a month and perform any necessary updates to the WordPress core, plugins and themes. This is best practice for security and stability of the site. I would charge for this at my hourly rate of R300 p/hr (pro rata). It usually only takes about 5 – 10 mins (R25 – R50) a month, unless we hit some kind of snag with plugins not playing nice with each other in which case it might take a little while longer to get the site working properly again (although this is usually only something that happens if you haven’t updated for a long time).

I will keep a running total for small changes, hosting and updates and will send through an invoice when it reaches R500 or more.