Are you ready to take your small business online and show it to the world?

Hi, I’m Gavin. I’m here to help you to take your business online.

I’ve started a number of my own businesses and I’ve tried to do everything myself to save on costs. But I’ve learned it’s just not possible to learn how to do EVERYTHING yourself, and sometimes you need to outsource the things you are not good at, or you don’t have the time to learn.

Personally my strengths are to do with all things computers. I’ve been using them since before Windows, before hard drives, before screens had different colours. I coded my own computer games when I was in school, studied computer programming after school, and I’ve completed many smaller courses in SEO, Adwords etc.

So if you’ve ready to outsource building a website or online store for your company or you need some help with bringing eyes to your site, then I’m the guy to help you through the process.

I build WordPress websites and Woocommerce stores, and can help you to bring people to your site through the use of Search Engine Optimisation and / or Pay Per Click Marketing. I can also help with setting up systems to help your business run better and more efficiently, with an emphasis on free and open source solutions.

I’m pretty patient with the tech-allergic, and will help you to learn how to edit and add content to your website, or add products to your online store yourself.

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